While the world marveled and gasped at the first ever image of a black hole, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope, that resides 54 million light years away from the Earth, our very own sher Mohammad Shami was rather phlegmatic about the discovery.

Following his brilliant performance against the Mumbai Indians, the pacer was quizzed about the black hole, named M87, and he had a rather unique response to the query.

"I heard that it was a joint-effort by scientists around the world and I was quite surprised by the amount of effort it took. I find it often and I even did it a few times today as well. I've been doing it for so long and I don't think of it as that big a deal, honestly," said the pacer to the bewildered journalists.

After some hesitation, one of the journalists in attendance stood up to correct the pacer that the question was about the black hole and not the block hole. After clearing the confusion, Shami cross-questioned the journalists to garner some more information about the discovery and the science behind a black hole.

Upon being told about the enormous gravitational pull of the black hole, Shami asked, "So basically, it sucks?"

Editorial note: This article is a work of fiction and constitutes as satire. Please, do not believe it.