Kings XI Punjab’s young star Mayank Dagar has been making a lot of waves on and off the field thanks to his impressive ability with the ball and devilish good looks. But recently the cricketer from Himachal Pradesh has been making headlines again for overshadowing Virat Kohli and Manish Pandey’s records in the Yo-Yo test by recording a score of 19.3.

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has recently stressed the importance of fitness and has gone on to practice what he preached. He is currently among the fittest cricketers in the country and maintains a strict regimen to stay on top of his game. Few can boast of giving the right-handed batsman a run for his money in that department.

Kohli had recorded a high score of 19 in his Yo-Yo- test, a score only marginally bettered by Manish Pandey who scored a staggering 19.2. However, Dagar managed to even edge past Pandey on the way to his score of 19.3.

In recent years, the Indian team management has made the Yo-Yo test the standard for gauging fitness, with a score below 16.1 resulting in a player being automatically dropped from the squad. Well, Dagar has managed much more and proven that when it comes to fitness and hard-work he is right up there with the best and can easily stake claim for being in the team.

"There are no secrets," Dagar had revealed in an interview earlier when speaking of his routine, "It's all about working smart."

His smart work has paid off it seems and now the slow left arm bowler is prepared to move on to greater heights. Roar on, sher!