With the 2021 VIVO Indian Premier League now just a few weeks away, preparations are in full swing at various renowned hotels across the country as franchises prepare to welcome their newly assembled rosters for the upcoming season. For Punjab Kings, the story is no different as the bulk of their domestic stars have already made their way to Mumbai, in anticipation of starting their training camp after finishing the arduous one week quarantine.

“Living in the bubble feels like the closest to living in a jail. It feels like a sweet jail experience,” says Harpreet Brar jokingly, opening up on life in quarantine. “We all initially thought we will be able to complete the quarantine period easily, but as the days go along it does get tougher. You are out of things to do, and sleep is the one thing that eludes you during this time,” he added. 

However, having endured two quarantine sessions recently at the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and the Vijay Hazare Trophy, Harpreet seems to have picked up a few tricks for coping with his boredom. “I honestly never used to read books previously, but this time around I have carried two books with me to while away my time,” explained the Punjab all-rounder. 

“Apart from that, just talking to friends is a good way to kill time, especially those friends who keep complaining I don’t spend enough time with them. Also, as the team’s ‘unofficial’ radio jockey, this is a good time for me to be updating playlists,” added Harpreet.

Harpreet’s new teammate Shahrukh Khan however seems to have a contrasting viewpoint to the quarantine lifestyle, as he seems to have made his peace now with living in isolation. “At first, it was very tough adjusting, but now two tournaments have been played in this manner, so we have gotten into the groove of things.“

“I’ve found my ways to keep myself entertained. I’ve been watching way more movies and YouTube videos then I’d normally do, catching up on anything and everything I may have missed. And just chilling and video calling friends, I’ve gotten used to the bubble, and can’t wait to get started after that,” concluded Shahrukh Khan.