Photo: Instagram/@sarfarazkhan97

Following in the footsteps of Kings XI Punjab’s Ishan Porel and Tajinder Singh, it is batsman Sarfaraz Khan who has joined in the fight against Covid-19. The youngster, along with his father Naushad Khan and brother Musheer Khan, were spotted distributing food and water to hundreds of migrants near a highway in Uttar Pradesh.

The Khan family, currently stuck in their hometown of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, have been busy distributing food packets and water to the many migrant workers and trucks frequenting that highway as they go towards their villages. Each packet contains an apple, bananas, biscuits, cake and a bottle of water. So far, the Khan family have donated more than 1000 such packets. 

Apart from his benevolent act towards the migrant workers, Sarfaraz has further earned the respect of his peers and many on social media after he announced that he and his family would skip the Eid festivities for this year so as to save money for the migrants of the country.

“We will not celebrate Eid this time,” Sarfaraz Khan told the Times of India. “The money we would have spent to buy new clothes and accessories on Eid will now be spent on those needing help.”

“They are hungry and thirsty, and have been travelling for so many days. We also stay hungry during Ramadan, so we have an idea about the value of food and water,” he added. 

In a separate interview to the Press Trust of India, Sarfaraz explained what prompted him and his family to help the walking migrants near his locality. “When we used to go to the market, we used to see scores of people travelling on the roads, and hence we decided to help them. It was my father’s idea to help the migrant workers,” Sarfaraz was quoted by the PTI.

Earlier in the year, Sarfaraz grabbed the headlines for his twin double centuries in the Ranji Trophy against Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Now, despite cricketing activities suspended since the past few weeks, Sarfaraz has managed to yet again wow his fans and all in the media with his act of benevolence towards the migrant labourers.