Source: Indian Premier League

Odean Smith earned himself a big group of fans on a Sunday night after his stellar performance gave the Punjab Kings their first win of the Tata Indian Premier League 2022.

Smith, who came in when things were starting to slow down in a 206-run chase, scored an unbeaten 25 off just eight deliveries to the utter delight of the Punjab Kings fans, the Sher Squad.

Smith’s intent was very clear when the equation had come to 36 needed off 18 balls. The Jamaican was at 2(3), waiting to unleash the carnage. In the next five legal deliveries the big-hitter faced, he changed the course of the game.

The 18th over, bowled by Mohammed Siraj, further drove the game towards the Punjab Kings, with Odean Smith behind the wheels. He was on strike at the beginning of the over, and went on to slam 23 of the 25 runs that came from it.

The over read - 6, wd, 4, 6, 1, 1b, 6. Shahrukh Khan orchestrated the leg bye single, Mohammed Siraj erred with a wide, but the four other boundaries that came flowing from Smith’s bat were simply confident, powerful shots.

And with that, Smith had turned the tables on RCB, with the Kings needing only 11 off the next 12 deliveries, which were achieved with ease, eventually leading to a five-wicket win.

Fans took to Twitter to share their appreciation for Smith on this special knock.