Before even a ball is bowled in the VIVO Indian Premier League, the excitement of the tournament kicks in the day the player auctions are conducted. Year after year, fans are glued to their televisions screens to check on what their beloved franchises are doing at the auctions, and seeing which new players will be donning the jersey of their favourite teams. 

Every year, Punjab Kings have performed admirably at the auctions, picking up some of the best talents on offer and giving their plenty of memories even before the IPL kicks off. Today, it is time to jog those IPL auction memories as this quiz has ten questions pertaining to Punjab Kings and the auctions. 

Since the first auction was held in 2008, Punjab Kings have picked, traded and released plenty of players in the Indian Premier League. Think you remember all about those auctions and Punjab Kings? Then try this quiz. 

Best of luck. Do mention your scores in the comments below.