The IPL is set to go green at Indore as the Green Protocol aims for zero waste during the matches.

With an aim to have the VIVO Indian Premier League go green and reduce in-venue wastage, Kings XI Punjab’s home venue of Indore is set to reduce usage of plastic and ensure proper waste management during the coming IPL matches in May.

The Green Protocol aims to implement the three Rs of waste management, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The current capacity of the Holkar Cricket Stadium is about 30,000 people and by the end of the match a large amount of waste is generated. In the absence of an alternative, the waste finds its way in landfills. The presence of plastics or other non-biodegradable substances in the waste thus end up causing a lot of harm to the environment.

The Green Protocol aims to reduce the overall use of plastic in cheering merchandise, provide cloth flags or banners to fans during the matches instead of plastic cheer sticks/ thunder sticks, have the shirts and bails made of reclaimed ocean plastics, have all branding material on recycled cloth material, reclaim and recycle any material used at the event like plywood, cloth or banners, among other initiatives.

Besides restricting plastic in the stadium premises, the initiative will also aim to providing sufficient number of bins for dry and wet waste inside and outside the stadium and have a well-trained team of volunteers to ensure zero littering and proper waste management.

The ultimate aim is to reduce  waste sent to landfills after the event and deliver environmentally friendly games so that the fans can enjoy the cricket without having the event adversely affect the local environment. With this is mind, we also seek active co-operation from our fans to make this initiative a grand success and help us win this Green Challenge.