As the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) season draws nearer Kings XI Punjab gave a glimpse into the future by revealing their new team jerseys. Going with the theme of constant improvement and evolution, the new jerseys have a been modernised with new innovations, while still retaining the original Kings XI Punjab flavour and distinct identity.

The silver lines, for one, are made using a fusion material from the UK for better breathability. The jerseys will also be using Actiwick (TM) technology, which offers better cooling and quicker drying to improve player performance. These new features will ensure maximum comfort while players still sport the trademark KXIP style on their jerseys.

The players who will be seen wearing the new KXIP colours were excited. Captain Ravichandran Ashwin started things off by posting a picture with his jersey at the launch event.

And a number of others including bowling spearhead Mohit Sharma, big hitting Aussie Aaron Finch and our very own retained lion Axar Patel soon joined the fray, proudly displaying their news jersey and their love for the new design.

When it comes to setting trends, how can team co-owner and much-loved actress Preity Zinta fall behind? She put out a picture of her own custom jersey with the numbers 111.

As the jersey numbers are slowing coming in, here is a look at what numbers some of your favourite players will be sporting:

Chris Gayle – 333
As fans are now used to seeing, the Universe Boss will wear a jersey with his highest test score on the back ‘333’.

Yuvraj Singh - 12
After having already dispatched 6 consecutive sixes, Yuvi-paaji will be looking to double the record, much like his jersey number ’12’ suggests.

K.L. Rahul – 1
Just like King Khan’s ‘Rahul’ is number 1 in Bollywood, sadda Rahul will be wearing Numero Uno on his jersey.

Check out the team’s Facebook and Twitter pages to find the jersey numbers of your favourite players and to get your own, digital, customised KXIP Jersey by tweeting using #RedForever or dropping a comment on the Facebook post.