The festivities of Holi took a sour turn in an upscale metropolitan society, after a cricketer was hit by a water balloon that contained normal tap water and not bottled water from the French Alps.

Photo credit: Unsplash

The cricketer called a press conference to further divulge the details of the vicious attack, and declared that the perpetrator, thought to be a nine-year-old boy from the neighbourhood, was a coward. “It shook me to my core, honestly,” said the visibly distraught cricketer.

“I just entered my Lodha complex, after a hard-session at Gold’s Gym, in my 4.1L V8 engine Porsche Cayenne and just as I laid my first step with my Nike Air Max 270 on the ground, this balloon came flying at me,” he recalled sipping on his Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“The balloon hit me, and splashes of water sprayed on my Rose Gold Hublot watch and my Space Gray iPhone XS Max, while some of it flew right in mouth and I could tell immediately that it wasn’t Evian. I was disgusted and appalled. I immediately called the police and informed them about this heinous crime,” he explained further.

The batsman, who was in the reserves for one of the IPL teams, has since dropped his complaint and said he found it in his heart to forgive the culprit after a massage session at a local therapy center.

Editorial note: This article is a work of fiction and constitutes as satire. Please, do not believe it.