Kolkata Knight Riders are famously not a team we are very fond of. They stole our final playoffs berth last year and left our fans broken hearted. But this year, they took it a step further and even managed to disappoint their own fans *slow claps*.

At a time when the whole world is looking east, the Knight Riders decided to look west and not retain a single Indian player (tsk tsk). And to top things off they even let go of the man who helped them climb the ladder of success, a certain Mr Gautam Gambhir.

Well, they will certainly meet the fiery left hander on their way down this year (at least, that’s what we are hoping!), though, and they had better beware because, as we all know, the last person you want to mess with is a Dilli ka launda. But if they thought that they will pick him up for a lesser price in the auction then let us assure you they are going to be in for a real surprise. A number of teams have already thrown their hat into the ring when it comes to picking up the 2009 ICC Test Cricketer of the Year and if rumours are to be believed Gambhir himself is looking to move closer to the north where the hearts are bigger and so are the team totals. Tusi aithe aajao, we promise you a lot of chicken de tikke and lassi de glass here in Punjab. You can even be the Jai Paaji to our Viru Paaji, with whom you formed one of the most attacking Indian opening pairs in history.  

The players who Kolkata Knight Riders did retain were Sunil Narine, who we like to remember for his rooster-like mohawk hairdo, and Andre Russell, who didn’t play much last year, which is good because khelta toh bhi kya kar leta? They announced him on Twitter as a part-time singer and full-time entertainer and all we want to tell him is, just focus on your singing career mahn!

Even if Gambhir decides to play with the Delhi Daredevils, we will still be happy because, after all, they are our distant cousins. And to be honest, they need a win much more than us. So we’ll take one for the team on this one, boys.

Now don’t try to pull a fast one on us by using your ‘Right to Match’ card Kolkata, it is time you started fishing for some new talent. Leave the big guns to us!