The 11th edition of the VIVO Indian Premier League is yet to begin but some things are already clear. The Chennai management misheard when MS Dhoni said he wanted players with an aver-age above 30, Kolkata Knight Riders took our previous article to heart and didn’t even try to pick a new leader in place of Gauti and we at Kings XI Punjab balanced both six-appeal and sex-appeal in the side by bagging cricket’s newest style icon- the Himachali Heartbreak Kid - Mayank Dagar.

Although we agree that age is just a number but so are batting averages, strike rates and economy rates. Basically, in the context of cricket, numbers play quite an important role and we can’t help but think that Chennai got their recipe for success a little off in spite of letting it ‘ferment’ in their minds for so long. We don’t generally comment on team strategies but this time we couldn’t stand by ‘idli’ while social media ‘dos-a’ bit of trolling at the expense of our fellow Kings. Of course, we’ll still whistle podu when Mahi’s team takes the field. But we’re just worried they’ll take away the ball and complain about today’s generation if we break their window panes with Gayle’s big hits.

Meanwhile, we went a little bit conventional with our team selection and actually balanced the experience in our squad with some young blood. (We’ll explain this concept to you later, Chennai) And one of our most notable buys was the upcoming hunk of cricket, Mayank Dagar. Social media is abuzz with news of his abs-outely amazing looks.

The praise is rather abs-tract so we can’t pinpoint his best feature.

But we still can’t abs-olve ourselves from that responsibility.

So, basically what we’re saying is abs, abs abs!


Recovery time after a good practice session 💯✔️

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He makes women go weak in the knees with devilish good looks and throws batsmen in a tizzy with his slow left-arm spin. This IPL season it’s time for the future. Move over Virat Kohli, there’s a new ‘sexiest man of the series’ in town ‘And-us-ka’ naam hai Mayank Dagar.