Photo: Instagram/ @mozzie21

Not many players would be heading to the 2021 VIVO Indian Premier League with the same confidence and belief as that of Moises Henriques. The Aussie all-rounder touches down on India having captained a jubilant Sydney Sixers side that went on to lift the 2021 Big Bash League in February. 

Moises expertly orchestrated a talented group of individuals at the Big Bash League, perfectly blending youth and experience as the Sixers successfully defended their crown in 2021. Talking about that triumph, Henriques believes it was that right combination of players that went a long  way in helping his franchise clinch back to back titles. 

“I think a big part of building successful franchises is having experienced players, and being calm under pressure. Most T20 games get to a stage in the game where they are close, and then it is about whoever can stay the calmest and think the clearest that end up performing and winning those games,” explains Moises Henriques in an exclusive interview with Punjab Kings. 

"The experience in being in those moments over and over again helps clinch games, but having said that there are obviously a lot of youngsters who also manage to stay calm in those moments and execute their skills. So to a large extent it is about who can execute their skills best when those games are close because inevitable in T20 cricket there is always turning points,” he added. 

Despite being one of the driving forces of the Sydney Sixers as their captain, Moises shies away from taking credit for the franchise’s recent success. He believes a successful team is one which is filled with leaders who take responsibility for the side without it being only the captain’s prerogative. 

“Just because you’re the captain, it does not mean you run the show. I had 10 other very good players, very good leaders out there helping me. And now I’ll be trying to do the same for KL (Rahul), whether it be while playing or watching the game. It is about trying to make the team get better from wherever I may be,” explained the 34-year-old. 

Fielding- the underappreciated secret

Henriques further stressed that fielding is that one aspect of the game that often swings a game in the favour of the victor, and good fielding is generally a blueprint for success at a franchise. 

“I think fielding is a huge part of the game that does not get the praise and the acknowledgement it deserves. A lot of the best teams I’ve played with have had really good fielding setups,” revealed Moises.

“If you can constantly save 5-10 runs in the field whilst the other teams are probably losing a few runs on the field everytime. If you take that half catch or the odd run-out chance, you do it multiple times in a season and it will probably get you two or three extra wins through the course of a season,” he added. 

Having been part of many winning franchises over the years, Moises Henriques certainly seems to have cracked the secret to success in T20 cricket. And he would be gearing to share some of those tips with KL Rahul this season at the IPL. How much will that help Punjab Kings in IPL 2021? Do let us know in the comments below.