Another action-packed week in the world of VIVO Indian Premier League saw some more legendary performances on and off the field that were worthy of the only accolade of its kind, the Kuch Bhi Award. So, without further ado, here are this week’s winners of the greatest hebdomadal award in the world (probably).

  • Elite Mind Games Award – Ankit Rajpoot

Free hits might not earn a bowler a wicket but that is no reason to not appeal, is it? That is exactly what our very own Sher Ankit Rajpoot did when he pleaded for an LBW on a free hit, confusing the batsman, the umpire as well as some of his own teammates. But his appeal caused enough distraction to keep the batsman rooted in his crease for a couple of seconds and keep the damage down to a single run. Rajpoot’s ingenious moment saved the team a run and more importantly, earned him a custom-made award.  

For this high IQ play, we give Ankit Rajpoot two points.

  • Best Intern Error Award – Bengali Newspaper Intern
Photo: Facebook

While publishing a story about Kolkata Knight Riders’ Chris Lynn, a Bengali daily accidentally attached a photo of a gentleman that goes by the name of Johnny Sins, who a popular and inspiring figure among the youth. Sins, a former Marine who also served in the army, is a man of many talents and holds a degree in teaching and works as a doctor in his spare time. While his athletic abilities are well-known among the masses, he is yet to make his way to the cricket field, so we are going to assume that this photo was just an honest mistake from an inspired intern.

For this magnificent but fatal error, we give the Bengali newspaper intern nothing, which is probably what the paper paid him as well. KKR, understandably, get 6.9 points.

  • Delivery of the Season Award – Domino’s Guy

VIVO IPL is home to the best bowling talents in the world, who showcase their skills, delivery after delivery, in front of packed crowds every night to help their team win matches and keep the fans cheerful. While it was an incredibly difficult task to pick just out of the many incredible deliveries we have seen so far, the one in the game between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad, where a Domino’s pizza delivery guy managed to hover above the sidescreen and pause play, stood out.

For this brilliant delivery in the 12th over, we give the Domino’s guy a nice tip of 12 points. Rajasthan Royals get two points, because God knows they need it.

  • Humility Award – Stuart Broad
Photo: ESPNCricinfo

Humility is one of the most endearing qualities that any human being can have and when a person of stature displays it, it evokes a sense of affection. Take Stuart Broad for example. A beacon of humbleness and sportsman spirit, the pacer was quick to remind Royal Challengers Bengaluru’s Yuzvendra Chahal, after he said that he felt like Broad did in ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 after Yuvraj Singh hit him for three straight sixes, that he only has 437 more scalps in international red ball cricket than the leggie.   

For this lesson in humility, we give Stuart Broad six points, one for each six he was hit for in 2007. He splits them with Chahal, handing RCB three points.

Adding the opening week’s tally, here’s what the leaderboard looks like:





Delhi Capitals



Kolkata Knight Riders



Kings XI Punjab



Mumbai Indians



Chennai Super Kings



Royal Challengers Bengaluru



Rajasthan Royals