April Fool’s day taps into the creative sides of the masses and while the pranks are all in jest and we do not advocate fake news, some of these escapades deserve our prestigious Kuch Bhi Award. So, without any further delay, here are this week’s winners of greatest weekly award in the history of the universe.

  • Coldest Prank Award - Kings XI Punjab

Earlier in the week, Kings XI Punjab announced that Icelandic cricketer Kató Jónsson was set to arrive in Mohali to have a trial with the Shers and even possibly join the team for the rest of the season. Well, it is with deep regret that we’d like to inform our fans the story was an April Fool’s prank and the cricketer himself was in on the joke as well. While we will definitely hope to see an Icelandic cricketer at some point in the near future in the IPL, 2019 won’t be it.

Apologies to our fans for this cold-hearted joke, but for this well-executed week-long prank, we give ourselves 2 points.

  • No One Believed That Award – ICC Instagram Account

The ICC Instagram account also got in on the April Fool’s fun and pranked their followers by announcing new rule changes, that left the entire cricketing fraternity gasping… Well, not really. Not one person bought it. The outlandish nature of the new rules made it too obvious that the posts were an attempt at an April Fool’s joke.

While we’d give the ICC Instagram account props for the effort, we will reserve the points for someone else.

  • Everyone Believed That Award – Delhi Capitals

Chasing 167 against Kings XI Punjab in Mohali, Delhi Capitals batted brilliantly to reduce the equation down to just 23 runs off 21 deliveries with seven wickets in hand, prompting some of the home fans to call it a night and head for the exits. But little did they know that DC would somehow proceed to lose seven wickets in just 17 deliveries, scoring just eight runs through that spell, handing the Shers an unlikely victory on April Fool’s day.

For making everyone believe the game was over, we give Delhi Capitals the two points that got away.

  • Stump Lives Matter Award - The Stumps in CSK vs. KXIP
Photo: Hotstar

For over 130 years, bowlers, keepers, fielders, and even some batsmen have abused, humiliated and dismantled stumps on the cricket field. Some might argue that that is literally their purpose, some stumps say otherwise. Take the ones in the CSK and KXIP match in Chepauk for example. Having already been dislodged a few times in the match, the stumps said 'Enough is enough' and stood tall despite an unbelievable instinctive throw from Dhoni. On any other day, the bails would have dislodged and Rahul would have walked back to the pavilion. But the defiance of the stumps, to stand tall despite being hit by a ball is a civil rights movement landmark.

But irrespective of the historic significance, Dhoni's unreal attempt earns CSK three style points, one for each stump that refused to go down.

Following this week’s awards, here are the updated season standings:





Delhi Capitals



Kings XI Punjab



Kolkata Knight Riders



Chennai Super Kings



Mumbai Indians



Royal Challengers Bengaluru



Rajasthan Royals