The penultimate week of the VIVO Indian Premier League gave us a clearer idea of the playoff picture but more importantly, also brought us a week closer to determining who the first-ever Kuch Bhi Champions will be.

With competition heating up and the teams trying ever harder to win our awards, there were plenty to moments to choose from. But, our carefully curated list of winners from the past week:

Stuart Broad Humility Award – Virat Kohli


Nothing warms the heart like a display of sportsman spirit on the field. And during Kings XI Punjab match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, opposition skipper Virat Kohli showed just why he’s hailed as a beacon of sportsmanship. After grabbing the match-winning catch, Kohli showed concern towards the batsman's well-being and politely asked “How’re you doing?” with a hand gesture.

For this noble act, we give Kohli the Stuart Broad Humility Award and his team two points.    

Justice for Bowlers Award – Unnamed Hero


Needing two off the final ball against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni missed the ball completely and prompted the non-striker to run for a bye, but Parthiv Patel’s brilliant throw ran the batsman out, helping RCB win by a solitary run. Replays showed that the non-striker Shardul Thakur stayed within his crease instead of gaining an unfair head start before the delivery was bowled like non-strikers have for decades, and those few inches turned out the difference between victory and a Super Over for RCB.

One man’s bravery in running out the non-striker earlier in the campaign has ensured no batsman leaves his crease and gains an unfair advantage before a delivery has been bowled. For making an extremely important point, we give this unnamed hero one too.        

Anthony Hopkins Cameo Award – Dale Steyn


Anthony Hopkins’ 16-minute role in The Silence of the Lambs earned him plaudits galore and also an Academy Award in 1992, making it one of the greatest cameos in the all of history, one unlikely to ever be replicated. But in 2019, Dale Steyn, picked up as an injury replacement by RCB, played two games, picked up four wickets, helped the team win two crucial matches, before returning home owing to shoulder inflammation.

For reprising Hopkins’ role and replacing fava beans and a nice Chianti with the new ball and swinging deliveries, we give Dale Steyn and RCB three points.   

That’s Not Mjölnir Award – Riyan Parag


Chasing a big total against Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals youngster Riyan Parag showed maturity beyond his years and played a thunderous inning to get his team in a winning position. But the thunder coursing through his veins led to him swinging his bat as if it was the hammer of Thor and his unfortunate follow through ended up hitting the stumps, rendering him out as a result of a hit wicket.         

We do not blame him, considering the unmissable frenzy around the Thunder God’s recently released movie Avengers: Endgame, and hence we give Riyan Parag and Rajasthan Royals 4 points, on account of the four runs that they missed due to the batsman lighting up the stumps instead of the night sky.

Here are the standings after Week 6:





Kings XI Punjab



Royal Challengers Bangalore



Mumbai Indians



Delhi Capitals



Rajasthan Royals



Kolkata Knight Riders



Chennai Super Kings