By Manzoor Dar,

Ramzan is a time that is very close to my heart. It's a time that reminds us that making the lives of those around us better is what gives a person true happiness. While I have a number of stories related to Ramzan and the festival of Eid, there is one which I don't think I will ever forget in my entire life.

When I was young, my family was financially weak. We had to struggle to make ends meet many times and since I was playing cricket and was not able to contribute to the family financially it used to be very difficult for me.

We Muslims have a tradition where we have to give 'Eidi' (a gift that is usually given to youngsters by elder relatives and family friends) to the young members of our family and neighbourhood. So, a number of children used to come home to take Eidi.

No matter how minimal the amount was, be it even ₹5 or ₹10, they used to feel like they're being gifted the best thing in the world! However, it was a bit embarrassing for me because when children came expecting Eidi I was not able to send them back satisfactorily.

I, being the eldest among my siblings, had to look after my siblings' Eidi as well. So I remember I always used to be worried about this whenever Eid was approaching. Ever since I grew up, I have always worried about this.

I never thought about myself during Ramzan, I never had enough time to even think for myself. But making sure that the spirit of the season is alive among the youngsters was very important to me.

Now that I am doing well for myself and I have a fair amount of success things have changed a lot. Everyone from the region is very proud of me and even those people who might never even have seen me have started coming home.

But I don't think I have changed at all. I still welcome everyone with a happy heart. After all, I believe that true happiness lies in helping others when we are in a position to. It is only through people's blessings that I have reached here.