If Anmolpreet Singh wouldn't have been around, Prabhsimran probably wouldn't have been a cricketer. As young boys in Patiala, the cousins often tagged together and indulged themselves in the game of cricket.

Photo credit: Prabhsimran Singh/Instagram

Like a typical parent, Anmolpreet's father didn't quite like the amount of time the duo played in the day but these formative years ensured they became the cricketers they are today.

"My brother Anmolpreet played cricket from a young age and watching him play inspired me to start playing the sport as well," says Prabhsimran, who revealed that his father didn't have much knowledge about the sport. "His father would take him to an academy and that intrigued me as well and soon after, I tagged along too."

Prabhsimran's uncle, though, had huge belief in the talents of the two budding cricketers living under his roof and thought that training in the academy alone wouldn't be enough to take them to the next level.

"He built a batting-net inside the house that we lived in," Prabhsimran states. "And there was a local coach that my uncle knew. The coach would come in the evening and we would train with him till it was midnight. Then in the morning we would go to the academy as well."

Not only were Prabhsimran's parents and his uncle supportive of his cricket dream, his school too relaxed any obligation of attendance on the youngster. "My school had belief in my abilities and asked me to attend lectures only thrice a week. That would allow me to train hard in the morning as well as practice late into the night," he says.

A great support system coupled with his gifted abilities helped Prabhsimran make giant strides at a young age and eventually make his way to the VIVO Indian Premier League. Everyone knows the teenager as the 2019 VIVO Indian Premier League auction's overnight sensation but Prabhsimran worked hard till midnight for years to get where he is.