The backyard holds a special place in the lives of many Australian cricketers. It is where they are first exposed to the game and where they create many of their first memories of the game. Aaron Finch's first recollections of cricket originated from his backyard, where he perfected his skills against his father and brother. For Australia’s left-arm pacer Ben Dwarshuis, it is a memory he can relate to all too easily.

“My earliest memory would probably be playing cricket in the backyard with my dad,” Dwarshuis told “I have a younger brother as well, so growing up, we’d go in the backyard with a bat and a ball and play a bit of cricket.”

But cricket was more than just a game for the Dwarshuis family. Like with many families, they found it gave them a lot of common ground to bond over. In fact, bowling to his younger brother day in and day out was what helped Ben develop the skills he needed at an early age to take on international cricket stars like he does now.

“Probably the moment when my younger brother was able to hold the bat properly, was when I began to play cricket a lot more, because I had someone my age to play with and bowl to,” he said.

Ben’s father, a person passionate about cricket himself, was able to impart the love for the game to young Ben and kept him going in his early years as a cricketer as he revealed.

“My dad inspired me, because he loves his cricket. I got into it very early and started playing when I was young. Ever since then, I always wanted to represent Australia and play cricket all around the world,” said the pacer.

Well, he went on to do just that many years since and, with his best years still ahead of him, he will definitely get more chances to prove his skills. Going from the young lad hurling in deliveries at his younger brother, to having the world watch as he runs in for his country, Big Ben has made the perfect case for following your dreams till they come true.