Aaron Finch is currently one of the most dominating batsmen in the world of cricket. His attacking style of batting and solid build can intimidate even the best of bowlers. He proved he can take any bowling unit apart after muscling his way to a world-record 156 in a T20I innings against England. But as a young lad playing the Gentlemen’s Game in his backyard, it wasn’t records that ‘Finchy’ was breaking.

“My earliest cricket memory is playing in my backyard with my pop. There were a lot of broken windows and balls that hit the walls, but it’s one of my favourite memories of playing cricket,” reminisced Finch while speaking to kxip.in about his first memories of the game.

“Sometimes my grandfather used to join us as well. But out of my two older brothers, one used to play a lot of cricket, so it was mostly the three of us.”

Finch is among the lot of cricketers who believe that offence is the best defence and it has worked wonderfully for him – barring childhood.

“Unfortunately, as a kid, being aggressive was a bad thing because my older brother was a very good bowler and very good batter as well,” Finch laughed. “So, every time I got out I had to bowl to him.”

But that didn’t deter young Finch from honing his big-hitting skills and now he exhibits those on the big stage, against the best in the world. For Finch, it’s all about the fans and making sure they get their money’s worth.

“Cricket is entertainment. It is meant to be entertaining. And I think being aggressive and attacking is the way for that,” he reasoned.

And as he promises, he does indeed entertain! With a strike rate of almost 140 in his T20 career, and a personal best of 156 off just 63 balls, Finch has earmarked himself as one of the trailblazers of the format with his consistent and belligerent knocks. Finch has stuck to his aggressive instinct of play since his childhood, and we as fans of this Aussie bloke couldn’t be happier!