Too many chicken dinners can be detrimental to your digestive system, but when you are up against Punjab pacer Arshdeep Singh in PUBG, it’s definitely hard to digest how good the youngster is.

Photo credit: Arshdeep Singh/Instagram

A cycling enthusiast in his younger days, Arshdeep now rolls around in a Buggy in Erangel and Miramar, mercilessly gunning downing every opponent, as if they were batsmen on the opposition team. He switched his cycle for a car as his ideal mode of transport to the field, but when in Miramar, the pacer rolls around on a motorcycle or a UAZ hunting down opponents and collecting those crispy resources.

While his exploits with the ball are well-known in the Punjab domestic circuit, his skills with a grenade are as good if not better. His bouncers have batsmen ducking for their lives and his grenade throws have his opponents running for theirs.

Most bowlers hate drops, but when playing PUBG, Arshdeep is always looking for one to stock up and boost his chances of getting that luscious chicken dinner. An M416, an AKM, an M16A4 or a vector, doesn’t matter what gun, if you are Arshdeep’s scope, you’ll be left with no hope.

While his promising career is still in its infancy, Arshdeep has already started exploring coaching avenues beyond the cricket field. When he’s not ripping through batting orders, the pacer teaches his Ranji teammates the optimum strategy to earn a chicken dinner. "In our Punjab (Ranji) team's squad of 15, at least 11 or 12 are avid PUBG players. I shouldn't really be saying it myself, but I am pretty good at PUBG. So, I teach them as well," he reveals.

A PUBG prodigy and a perfectionist, coach Arshdeep expects nothing short of the best from the rest of the Punjab Ranji team and often pushes his weakest students to work harder for that elusive chicken meal. “Sometimes it's necessary to shout at the players when they aren't playing well. Harpreet (Brar) is the worst player sometimes, so I have to keep scolding him," quipped the pacer.

It is no surprise that the southpaw has mastered the tough terrains of Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok given how he cycled 13 kilometres on difficult roads from his village in Kharar to the cricket academy in Chandigarh and while he continues to grow as a cricketer, he does so with chicken dinners daily.