We threw down the challenge and some of you tried to stump Virender Sehwag. Now it’s Viru-paaji’s turn to turn on the Sholay and reply in a way only he knows how, with a combination of style and brute force. Caution! Aage ki hasi aapke sehat ke liye dhokadayak ho sakti hai. But then, laughter is also the best medicine!

Q. पाजी सुपर ओवर के लिए कौन से बल्लेबाज और गेंदबाज पर भरोसा करोगे? - Neeraj Sharma

A. Waise toh bharosa poore team par hai. Magar, Super Over mein opposition jab ban jaye bin bulaya mahman, toh bowling mein utrega Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Aur batting mein hamare do diggaj jo kabhi hote nahi fail, Lokesh Rahul aur humare Boss Chris Gayle.

Q. While sitting in the dugout, how often do you miss the action of playing on the field? Has there been any instance recently when you wished you could have batted and taken on the bowler instead? - Jaskaran Bhullar

A. I’m not Arjun any more. Now I prefer being Dronacharya. Ab hum batting ke nahi, shabdon ke teer chalate hain!

Q. Viru Paaji! In the future, If Aryavir plays for Kings XI Punjab and Vedant plays for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL, which team would you support? - Sai Krishna Reddy Aadham

A. The team near my Dil will be Dilli and the team near my dimaag will be Punjab! Dil ko dimaag se aur dimaag ko dil se door kaise kar sakte hain? But till I’m working with KXIP I’ll always support the Sher-e-Punjab under any circumstances.

Q. Do you prefer shooting savageness on Twitter or with the bat more? - Nithin Thomas John

A. Beta, waise toh bat ho ya Twitter, I am never a quitter! But ab bat ka samay samapt ho gaya so you’ll need to follow me on Twitter if you want to see some more of my savageness.

Q. Your IPL strike rate is 155. Don’t you think you should apologise to bowlers for being too harsh on them? - Navin Jindal

A. Apologise? Ha-ha. I should increase my strike rate to 200 rather than apologising. If you want to take the risk of bowling to me then you have to be prepared for the consequences.

Q. Viru Paaji, you pranked us on April 1. Have you been pranked by anyone during your school days or college days? - Singhania

A. Ha-ha, mein prank wala nahi rank wala bacha tha! I was a very good child in school and I never used to play or be the subject of pranks. Ab fans rakhte hain hope, toh kabhi kabhi kar dete hain hum bhi joke!

Q. Viru paaji, did you see any current KXIP player who sings song while playing which will relax the mind like you did in the past? Are you missing those memories? Is there anyone in the current Punjabi team as chill as you are? - Akuthota Rakesh

A. Nobody is singing but they’re all listening to Sehwag’s tunes! And they must all dance to my tunes. Jab Sehwag lagta hai gaane, toh nahi chalte koi bahane!

Q. Viru sir! One fun question that I wanted to ask... Tell us about your new round spectacles. Were you inspired by Harry Potter? BTW it looks damn cool. - Mayank Gupta

A. I was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi because I’m an honest guy! Saccahi ke saath raho, aur burai ko Expecto Patronum kaho!

Q. Why do we call the game 'Cricket'? What is the resemblance to the insect 'Cricket'? - Naman Mathur

A. Yeh kya hai yaar. Of course, it is! When anyone except Sehwag bats you can hear crickets everywhere, that’s why they had earlier named it that. Ab agli match ke lelo ticket and come see how our fans’ noise drowns out the crickets!

Q. In the first game I saw Viru paaji get excited about a shot played by KL Rahul. Do you think that shot reminded you of yourself? Are you the mastermind behind Rahul's new explosive batting? - Akshay Sasikumar

A. Viru-paaji toh ek hi ho sakta hain! Nobody reminds me of me. Rahul himself is a brilliant striker of the ball. Rahul ki jagah Rahul aur paaji ki jagah paaji, donon shots lagane lag gaye toh kya karega kaazi?

Q. Viru bhai, who will you choose to play when Punjab needs to get 30 runs in a Super Over? - Krishna Prasad S Menon

A. If we want our campaign to stay on the trail, then obviously we’ll play KL Rahul and Gayle. But if we want to go that extra inch, then we might even throw in Aaron Finch!