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It is hard to say goodbye to your loved ones for extended periods of time. Ravichandran Ashwin’s wife Prithi Narayanan understands this all too well. However, duty always comes first as she explains.

Cricket is often a gruelling sport, especially when it comes to juggling the various formats from Tests to T20s. And while we do recognise the mental toughness it takes on behalf of the players, we tend to forget the sacrifices made by their families on this journey.

Being the support system of your significant other throughout their career when they are constantly in the public eye, while simultaneously holding your own, can take a lot out of anyone.

To find out more about this fine balancing act, got in touch with Prithi and spoke to her about how our skipper still makes her heart skip a beat. Here are the excerpts.

Do you think Ashwin has changed as a person or as a cricketer after becoming the captain of KXIP?

(Laughs) No, he hasn’t changed at all. He has just gotten a lot more pre-occupied, maybe? 

How hard is it for you and your children when Ashwin is away for IPL and international assignments every year?

I’ll never get used to it! My older girl, Akhira, has started realising when he goes missing and starts asking for him. The younger one is a bit young to start missing him. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but duty always comes first. 

Who is your favourite cricketer apart from Ashwin?

Ahh, I have a couple of them. Mike Hussey, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, for sure.

Does Ashwin talk to you about his successes and failures in the game? Do you guys talk cricket when you are together?

Yes, we do. He has been actively playing international cricket from the time we were married - even before it too. The game is a big, big part of our lives, and we discuss things that are related to him, his emotional and physical state and so on and so forth.

What is the most romantic thing Ashwin has done for you?

He took me to a cricket ground and proposed! It was a place that meant a lot to him and it was a very special moment. 

Do you feel any of the pressure when Ashwin goes out to play?

Yes, I do! I have grey hair now! I get pretty nervous when he goes out to bat, but I am happier when he is bowling though. 

What do you think is the highest point of Ashwin’s career so far?

His 300 Test wickets and the Kings XI Punjab captaincy, definitely!